Friday, February 18, 2011

Expressions used in the classroom

Classroom Language: Simple instructions

1. Here are some common instructions which the class can easily understand:
        Come in.                                       
        Go out.
        Stand up.                                        
        Sit down.
        Stand by your desks.                     
        Put your hands up.
        Put your hands down.                   
        Hold your books/pens up.
        Show me your pencil.                   
        Come to the front of the class.
2. A number of instructions can be used at the beginning of a session, and as the semester continues:
         Pay attention, everybody.             
         You need pencils/rulers.
         We'll learn how to...                     
         Are you ready?
         Open your books at page...          
         Turn to page...
          Look at activity five.                    
          Listen to this tape.
          Repeat after me.                            
         Again, please.
         Who's next?
         Like this, not like that.
         You have five minutes to do this.
3. A number of instructions can be used at the end of a session, and as the semester continues:
         It's time to finish.                          
         Have you finished?
         Let's stop now.                             
         Stop now.
         Let's check the answers.               
         Any questions?
         Collect your work please.            
         Pack up your books.
         Are your desks tidy?
         Don't forget to bring your ... tomorrow.
4. Instructions can also be sequenced:
         After that                                       
5. Comprehension language:
         Are you ready?                              
         Are you with me?
         Are you OK?                                 
         OK so far?
         Do you get it?                                
         Do you understand?
         Do you follow me?                       
         What did you say?
         One more time, please.                 
         Say it again, please.
         I don't understand.                        
         I don't get it.
         Like this?                                       
         Is this OK?


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