Saturday, January 29, 2011


Tie dyed cloth

          The society today has many amenities. The age of consumerism that has become part of the embedded deep within the mind. People is seeking something yourself look good. The Modern fashion is trend over the years moving all the time.
          The Natural colors from plants. The example Root bark core flower seeds, leaves etc.

          Today I’m going to presented about the project of making tie dyed cloth. This project was work of local or will call “OTOP” of Baan Khiriwong, Kamlon SUB- DISTRICT, Lansakha DISTRICT,Nakhon Si Thammarat province.
           I have process to research this project was to question the information from Aunt's nan one of staff who is working in tie dyed cloth Baan Kiriwong Group. 

The material to use in Tie Dyed Cloth@Kiriwong.
1. A rubber band

2. A bamboo

3. A cotton

4. A natural colour

5. A enamelware

6. A pot

How to make the Tie Dyed Cloth@Kiriwong

1. Take the leaves, wood bark chopped.

2.Take the leaves and the wood bark boiled 1 day

3. Cut the cloths.

4.The tie of cloth is tight and different patterns with only a single pattern in the world.

5.Washing to clean.

6.The soaking cloth of 3 hours, but wash 1 time for 1 hours. When after 3 hours be carved out of wood and is dried.

7. Then, to make the cloth such as a pillowcase, shirt, scarf, bag, doll and etc.


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