Sunday, January 16, 2011

In class... week 3
     In this teacher has taught in the modality to be applied in the translation 2.Modality is perceived, status,view and comments
Communicative competences

      1.Wife: Telephone
         Husband: In the toilet
      2.I wish to know him
         I want to know him

      -Your sister csn speak English well.
The temperature can sometimes reach 40 c in April.(บางครั้งอุณหภูมิจะสูงถึง40องศา ในเดือนเมษายน)
      -You can take my car.
      -Can you pass me the salt?
      -He can run very fast.
      -When he was young, he could run very fast.
      -Can you turn on the right?
      -Could you turn on the right?

1.เวลาตัดสินอะไร คนเราอาจจะถูกหรือผิดก็ได้
Translation: When decide what people may be right or wrong times.
Translation: He does not use chopsticks.
Translation: You are here a long time how much you want to be.

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