Friday, January 28, 2011



“Satid” point reform plan to clear the country 
in 3 months. 

            At 11.30 am on Jan. 26.  Mr.Satid WongNongToey Minister to the Prime Minister. He is interviewed after the meeting explains the progress of implementation of reform plans in Thailand. The government will continue to build reconciliation process to occur in the country reform program through Thailand about 4 elements is the first is equality, economic fairness and reduce the cost of living outside the system to solve the problem; the second is the quality of life and access to the welfare system; the third is A justice Provide community justice reform, police will reduce the cases to court and the last is development of Children and Youth help provide education to underprivileged children the entire process of thinking through the system. Each committee reported on progress in terms of budget and operational guidance.
            Mr.Satid said traditional civil Wiwat of Mr. Korn Chatikavanij Minister of Finance. He submitted to the Prime Minister, Mr. Aphisit Vejjajiva then the other three plans will be meeting every Wednesday at 8:00 pm to acknowledge the work plan process. On January 31 at 9:30 pm each committee  meeting to discuss plans to launch once again that each project will be launched when and how the format. The plan will see all the people within three months concrete.

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